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Note: Safety First! Use of this product should be limited to and is intended solely for passenger entertainment and off road use only. Obey all laws applicable in your state.  Please obey all traffic laws whilst operating your equipment. It is your responsibility to know and adhere to all applicable laws and highway regulations. By purchasing this service from Bimmerguru you hereby agree that Bimmerguru, its owners, employees
and affiliates cannot be held liable for any accidents, fines, tickets or misuse of its products, which may result in the driver’s distraction.

How it works:

Video in Motion:  In certain regions around the world the use of front screen functionality is disabled while the vehicle is in motion. BimmerGuru has been providing state-of-the-art unlocking software for BMW and MERCEDES BENZ vehicles since 2010 with many satisfied customers.  Whether you want to unlock your TV, the DVD player in your BMW or the option of navigation address input while driving, our software solutions will help you get the ultimate functionality from your vehicle.  Each software is custom-designed for a specific car and very easy to use.  All our solutions are 100% safe and will not void the warranty of your vehicle.


1- Order software online

2- We will program and email the software to you along with instructions

3- Download the software onto a USB or SD depending on the instructions and easily install in the car


The videos below demonstrate how it's done.  The unlocking process slighty varies for each make and model

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